meet heidi.

yoga and meditation instructor, birth doula, wellness expert

Puebol Colorado Mountains, Home of Birth and Labor Doula Services for mothers to cope with labor


Hi there, welcome.  My name is Heidi.  I believe in finding joy and love in the simple gifts that life shares with us each day.  I strive to live in the moment, basking in the beauty and rawness of it all.  I am a proud wife and mother to 3 amazing, beautiful, and unique souls.  Being a mother is the most cherished gift I have every received.  When I’m not spending time with my loves, I enjoy being in nature, reading, walking, practicing yoga, and creating healthy meals and home-remedies to nourish my loved ones. 

Heidi Mauer Doula of Pueblo Colorado, Doulas make birth easier


inspire and empower our community 

I am here to support you at the most powerful and most vulnerable time in your life- as you embark on the journey of Motherhood. I guide women along every phase of their journey, before, during and after pregnancy, providing full spectrum service-based offerings, evidence-based education, inspiration, and advocacy. I do this in a holistic way, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the women who make up our community. I strive to provide a sense of safety, security and belonging to everyone I support. I offer an inclusive and safe space and welcome and support all types of family configurations.


service with a joyful heart

  I believe in showing kindness towards all living beings, treating others as I would like to be treated.  May our differences help us to grow and find deeper understanding of each other. 


 I have respect for all human beings, no matter the shape, color, size or or lifestyle!  All families and choices will be welcomed and supported by me.  


I am a woman of my word and strong in my values.  I serve from my heart and will honor the sacred act of giving birth. I will honor you, and your choices to the best of my ability. 


I believe in serving with a joyful heart. I am proud to stand beside you, to be at your service during a most precious time in your life. 

Heidi Mauer Doula of Pueblo, Doulas serve body, mind, and soul throughout pregancy and postpartum

a little more about me.

I hope to talk to you further about adding a doula to your birth team. Contact me to schedule a free phone call or meet and greet.